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11 Days

Highlights of the Baltics

Vilnius/St Petersburg
Number of guests
Max. Up to 15 guests guests
From A$5,229.00
A$4,979.00 pp

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Take a guided tour of St Petersburg

Learn why St Petersburg has earned the title of ‘Venice of the North’. Hint: its ornate architecture and idyllic canals might have something to do with it. With tales of imperial and communist periods, your guided tour will bring history to life in fascinating St Petersburg.

TOUR: Highlights of the Baltics

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Visit Peterhof Park and Gardens

Experience the grandeur and vision of the old rulers of the Russian Empire as you wander through the gardens of the Peterhof Palace. A UNESCO-listed relic of the Tsars, the royal gardens are known as the Russian equivalent of Versailles.

TOUR: Highlights of the Baltics

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