elevated view of the town and bay of Kotor, Montenegro

An Adriatic Odyssey: Tour Leader Lana’s Point of View

Croatia & Montenegro
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Katherine Conlon

Creative Copywriter for Back-Roads Touring

17th March 2021

Embrace an alternative view

Otherworldly vistas and architectural wonders await in the fascinating countries that frame the glimmering Adriatic Sea.

Here our European Tour Leader Lana shares some of her favourite photos taken on our tours of Croatia and Montenegro, where dazzling viewpoints, local legends and authentic experiences combine to form an awe-inspiring adventure along the Adriatic coast.

view from the water of Our Lady of the Rocks islet and the surrounding hills, Kotor, Montenegro

Legendary landscapes

A spellbinding scene to start us off: Our Lady of the Rocks islet in the spectacular Bay of Kotor, Montenegro.

This man-made island rests on a foundation of rocks and sunken vessels. According to legend, in 1452 two fishermen discovered a rock here featuring an icon of the Virgin Mary and Child. In honour of their find, after each successful voyage they laid a rock in the bay, and gradually the islet was formed and a church was built on it. The tradition continues to this day, when on the 22nd of July residents take their boats out at sunset to throw rocks into the water.

We discover the captivating coastal town of Kotor on Day 7 of our Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast tour, including a guided walk around its historic, maze-like centre, and a boat trip to Our Lady of the Rocks.


a sleeping calico cat on a stone wall overlooking the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Feline folklore

"You can find cats on every corner of the Old Town. Legend says they've been here since the mid 15th century, when during the plague they'd eat the rats coming off the ships... there's even a small cat museum, one of two in Europe", Lana, Back-Roads Touring Tour Leader.

It’s not just seafaring legends which abound in Kotor, but tales of those creatures who are far more at home on terra firma.

Cats have become a symbol of Kotor, which for centuries was a busy trading port. Ships carried all kinds of breeds to its shores, where they were welcomed with open arms due to their excellent rodent-hunting skills. You’ll likely be unable to resist the charms of the cats of Kotor – even if you’re more of a dog person...

a bridge with people crossing and a lake with people swimming surrounded by verdant woodland, Krka National Park, Croatia

Picturesque parkland

Setting foot in one of Croatia’s enchanting national parks is akin to stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. A magical world of crystalline lakes, glittering waterfalls, rugged gorges and limestone canyons emerge before your very eyes.

Lana’s photo shows the idyllic surrounds of Krka National Park, which we explore on Day 3 of our Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast tour with a local guide.

Our Adriatic Discovery tour features a visit to the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park, where winding paths lead through ethereal aquatic and wooded landscapes. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a spectacle to behold, this experience is a truly unforgettable one.

Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea viewed from the cable car up Srd mountain, Croatia

Silver-screen scenery

Step into a cinematic universe on our Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast tour as we delve into the handsome city of Dubrovnik. Both Star Wars and Game of Thrones were filmed in its Old Town; enclosed by medieval stone walls and offering sweeping views of the Adriatic coastline, it’s the ideal setting for dramatic plots of revenge and tragedy.

We also have the opportunity to admire a bird’s-eye-view from the cable car up Mount Srd – as Lana’s photo proves, an ideal way to appreciate the long-standing city in all its glory.

the old town of Korcula, Croatia, viewed from the water with boats in the harbour

Inspiring islands

The charming Croatian island of Korcula is the setting of Lana’s final photo. Our Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast tour includes plenty of time to explore the treasures of its atmospheric Old Town, within which a small stone house is said to be the birthplace of the famed traveller Marco Polo – the perfect inspiration for your Adriatic voyage!


Have Lana’s photos made you eager to embark on an Adriatic adventure? 

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