Choose Your Travel Trend for 2019 / 20


Battlefield Tours

We have offered our signature Back-Roads Battlefields tours for over twenty years. Each of these moving and memorable tours is led by one of our expert Battlefields Tour Leaders, some of whom are former servicemen and women – and all of whom have a keen interest in (and passion for) history.

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Culinary Tours

The quickest way to the heart of a culture is through its cuisine – and on our Culinary tours, you’ll have the chance to unlock the secrets of each fascinating destination you visit by tasting regional flavours and locally sourced produce. From Italian farmhouse feasts to intimate family-prepared meals in Cambodia, there are plenty of delicious dishes to savour!

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Canals and Sailing

There are magical moments to be had when you step off the boat on our Canals and Sailing tours. With plenty of trips to palaces, cathedrals and heart-stealing towns on the agenda, you can be sure that delicious local cuisine, authentic experiences and elegant traditional architecture are never too far away.

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Nature Tours

The Back-Roads philosophy of taking the road less travelled will give you a taste of stunning natural landscapes en route to each unique destination on your itinerary. From the verdant jungles of Southeast Asia to the spectacular Scottish Highlands, you’ll only need to look out of the mini-coach window for postcard-perfect views!

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Historic Tours

When you explore the complex history of Europe and Asia with Back-Roads, you’ll take home lasting memories of the historic tales and fascinating traditions behind each country. All of this is possible with the expert guidance of your Tour Leader, who’ll take you to the heart of each region by sharing a wealth of fascinating stories.

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