Royal Tour of Britain


Marianne Lampon

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13th November 2017

Back Roads' New Tour

We are so excited to announce our 9 Day Royal Tour of Britain itinerary.

Come and learn some more about the tour.

Travelling from Edinburgh to London, the Royal Tour of Britain itinerary features visits to the iconic Edinburgh Castle, Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and so much more.

Historic cities and landmarks

Most of the landmarks we visit are either royal residences or have an interesting connection to the Royal Family.

This is the perfect tour if you’d like to learn more about Britain’s history. With a bagpipe performance, whisky tasting and tours of some of England and Scotland’s most historic cities and towns on the cards, prepare to be immersed in Britain’s rich culture and traditions.

Boutique Accomodation

Your accommodation is brimming with style and charm; it's like meeting a new member of the tour at every stop. Relax and soak up the local lore, you'll be well rested for the next day's adventure.

Tailor-made itineraries

The itinerary has been tailor-made by our very own Tour Leader, David Lombardi. David has previously worked as a guard for the Queen and the Royal Family in the Royal Protection.

With his extensive knowledge, inside stories and interesting anecdotes about the Royals, David will keep you entertained as you weave through Britain’s backroads to each stop on your route.

With David leading the way, you may even get the chance to glimpse the Queen at Balmoral Castle if she’s in residence. So, get those cameras charged!